Plastic 4.0 and Smart Factory
The revolution for plastic companies
Life 2017 call: the opportunity for innovation
Proplast in collaboration with Ciaotech invites you to participate to the meeting: LIFE 2017 CALL: THE OPPORTUNITY FOR INNOVATION
6th June: Plastic Product Design Elements
This free webinar will provide you an overview on the design of Plastic Products
ECP4 - European Composites, Plastics and Polymer Processing Platform
The annual event of ECP4 was held in Tampere (Finland) on 17 and 18 May
1th June - Plasticircle project
Improvement of the plastic packaging waste chain from a circular economy approach,
ICTPlast: do you want to join next training session?
ICTPlast is a Training Program on Advanced ICT Tools for enhancing Manufacturing Process Planning competences in Plastic Industries SMEs
9th May: free Design Course
Training Course for Design Engineer for Plastic Components
9th May - Rheology elements
Free webinar from 15:30 to 16:00
18th April – Injection Moulding: an overview
The webinar will provide a general introduction on the Injection Moulding
10th 11th 12th April – Advanced moulding course
Advanced course on injection moulding process
Course Catalogue 2017
Discover all the news of this new edition!
29th November - Refuses management course
How to reduce refuse's disposal costs, with analysis of realistic cases 29th November 2016 from 9:00 to 13:00 at Consorzio Proplast
ECCP2016 - Programme online
Want to learn all about conductive polymers? Join ECCP2016
CNC machines Operator course
Free training course for CNC machines Operator and mold service
Recycle award
EPRO Best Recycled Plastic Product Award 2017
Plastic. Know it to appreciate it
Do you want to learn more about plastic? A textbook for those who work in the sector but for curious people who want to know polymeric materials, too.
6th September - Plastic materials
Proplast will introduce you to plastic materials’ world: the present and a look to new trends
Multiphysics simulations
How to reduce design cost and time? Proplast organized this free seminar in collaboration with Comsol.
Digital 4 Plastic
Are you ready for the first digital revolution?
The MATERIALIX project
With Proplast as partner for Italy
From training to work
Marco: when competence meets opportunity
10th November - Technical conference
Design, engineering and materials used for the MuCell® technology
1st October - Technical conference
HEAT&COOL: technological state of the art for the production of aesthetic plastic parts
September 17th - Technical conference
New ISO 9001 - all changes introduced
22nd September - Technical conference
Proplast organized the seminars: " Liquid Silicone Rubber"
14th May - Free webinar
Proplast organized the free webinar: Thermoplastic polymers: Features and Applications
18 th June: Technical conference
Proplast in collaboration with B&R and Comau organized the seminar: "More efficiency energy and process: economic advantages for the plastics industry"
Call for projects: LIFE
4th June: Proplast in collaboration with Ciaotech, organized the meeting: "Life 2015 calls"
Technical seminar
20th May - Proplast and Vero Solutions organized the seminar: From mold design to the mold management information system
25th June: business in Romania
Proplast organizes the seminar: "Romania: Business Opportunities for the plastics industry"