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ECCP – 2nd edition


Ottobre 23


09:00 am - 05:00 pm

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composites, eccp, polymers

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Consorzio Proplast


Castello del Valentino

Viale Mattioli 39, 10125 Torino

Torino, TO, IT, 10125

About the conference

Polymers are widely used in many industrial sectors since decades. Nonetheless, their electrical and thermal insulating behavior hinders their exploitation in sectors where customized electrical or thermal conductivity is required. The use of conductive additives has been the most suitable technical solution so far, from the technical (traditional polymers can be used), and the economical point of view. In this case, it is well known that thermal and conductive properties of plastics can be optimized by working on the polymer/composite formulation, the processing condition/layout and the design of the component.
The ECCP Conference will deal with all these aspects focusing at a Technology Readiness Level (“TRL”) higher than other conferences, with presentations of technical solutions that are ready, or almost ready, to be introduced in the market. For this reason, we expect to involve industries and SMEs, in addition to research centres and universities. In this way, the conference should be the chance also to meet industrial partners and RTDs for business opportunities and also to create new partnerships for collaborative projects.


  • 09:00 Registration

  • 09:50 Welcome and opening – Proplast

  • 10:00 Polymer-based nanocomposites with bulk or confined electrical conductivity through carbonaceous fillers and laser treatments – Claudio Badini, Polytechnic of Turin

  • 10:20 Formulating Electrically Conductive Compounds Using Advanced Carbons – Jean-Michel Poncelet, Cabot Corp.

  • 10:40 LNP Compounds for high performance conductive components – Vito Mogliani, Guzman Global srl

  • 11:00 Taking charge of resistivity, an introduction to conductive plastic technology – Ned Bryant, RTP

  • 11:20 Coffee break

  • 11:50 Benchmarking of Graphene-based materials: real commercial products vs. ideal graphene – Alessandro Kovtun, CNR-ISOF

  • 12:10 Conductive Compounds: What is important to know in the formulation, notes and knowledge to develop and design a conductive part – Alessandro Fabris, Lehvoss

  • 12:30 Automotive applications of PTC plastic technology – Marco Pizzi, Eltek Group

  • 12:50 Lunch break

  • 14:10 Electrical insulation materials from polypropylene and silica nanocomposites – Tuulamari Helaja, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

  • 14:30 Novel mixing metering equipment for high pressure gas sorption in liquid polymers – Maurizio Corti, Afros SpA-Cannon Group

  • 14:50 Conducting polymers for soft electronics and robotics – Virgilio Mattoli, IIT 

  • 15:10 Coffee break

  • 15:30 3D Printing of conductive and non-conductive polymers – Davide Ardizzoia, 3NTR

  • 15:50 Flash Diffusivity as a tool for wide-range characterization of insulating and conductive polymers – Marco Coletti, TA Instruments

  • 16:10 Injection moulding of electrical conductive components: how to predict the effect of processing parameters – Marta Zaccone, Proplast

  • 16:30 Closure and remarks


It is possible to obtain a group discount starting from 3 people forward as long as they belong to the same company/organization.

A discount is reserved for Proplast members.

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