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participate in the projects of the Technology Platform of Piedmont Region

In the last Tecnology Platform (Smart Factory, Health and Wellness and BioEconomy) promoted by the Piedmont Region, several companies and universities’ member of Proplast have participated in projects:


  • SMART3D – Smart 3D production chain for polymeric devices
  • DEFLECT – Digital tEchnology For Lung Cancer Treatment
  • PRIME – Innovative green chemistry processes and products
  • RECIPLAST – Circular Economy Approach for recycling of plastic packaging and end-of-life plastic automotive components


In this first episode, we are taking about…

F. lli MARIS S.p.A.
Twin-screw extruder: in the word is said Maris. Quality and competency since 1962.



Maris makes customer care its work philosophy, identifying their requirements and providing solutions, which will grant complete satisfaction in terms of results, with particular attention to innovation.


This is why Maris has always engaged in a wide variety of innovative technological challenges, such as reactive extrusion or the study of completely new processes, using all the experience and know-how acquired in more than 50 years in the demanding business of Plastics Compounding.

The objectives are reached thanks to Maris’ consolidated ability to operate as a team with the customer and all the participants on each specific project.

All the necessary resources, including the wide range of specific facilities at Maris, are involved and made available in order to find the most rational and high-performing solutions, both in the solely technical and technological procedures as well as where a synergistic efficiency is required.

The result is a whole range of ever more optimized productive processes, which allow our customers to respond efficiently to the requirements of a market which is becoming more demanding and sophisticated day by day.



A leading company in the production of paints and enamels.


VERPLAST GROUP is today a leading company in the production of paints and enamels for the automotive, general industry, household appliances. At early stage of the company we also supplied construction, carpentry sectors, floor paints and specific cleaning products.

Since 1985 VERPLAST has developed paints for vacuum metallization and polyurethane adhesives.

At the beginning of the 1990s, in collaboration with market leaders, VER PLAST formulates specific painting systems for various thermoplastic and polyurethane materials used in the automotive sector and silicone paints for rubber profiles.

At the same time, vinyl and plastisol compounds were developed both for rotational technology and for immersion and coating technology.






Since 1992 transforming plastic for a better future.


The utmost respect for life

Our company has been working in the plastic market since 1992. We are specialized in the extrusion and moulding for the costructing and furnishing industry. In addition to the wide range of items in our catalogue, we design and develop products on request for our customers. The quality we guarantee is verified by qualified and specialized personnel. Flexibility and timeliness are our hallmarks.

Recyclable Materials

Quality is the essence of competitiveness; the environmental sustainability is the excellence. All the production scraps are reused and reincorporated into the production cycle.

An ecologically sustainable production

Always attentive to green engineering, we employ photovoltaic installations in order to realize a self-sufficient production, with a low energy consumption.

A wholly Italian production

Trafilplast products are born in Osasio (Turin) from an all italian production of the highest quality.

Research and Development for companies

Proplast is your ideal partner for all technical support activities in your industrial projects