New technologies for innovative products

Proplast offers consulting and specialized services for injection moulding, compression moulding, extrusion, cast filming, compounding, thermoforming, infusion of thermosetting composites, 3D printing


Our expert technicians support companies in problem solving and achievement of the highest standards of quality and performance through verification of materials, optimization of production process and equipment.

Consulting and development activities are carried out in customers' production facilities or directly in our internal moulding laboratory.

Proplast is equipped with the latest generation of injection moulding machines and automatisms and with a new compounding line provided with a thermoplastic expanded extrusion station for the production of lightened products with a reduced use of  chemical additives.

3D printers, recently installed, allow to test formulations of innovative materials for Additive Manufacturing.



Mould setup and assessment

Moulding trials and sampling


Pre-series and small batches production

Hybrid moulding

Thermoplastic laminated composites overmolding


Superior aesthetics, reduced cycle time, weight and clamping force

Mould setup and assessment

Mould assessment, molding trials and sampling represent the fundamental steps to determine the success of the development phase before moving on to production.

In this phase our technicians do precise monitoring of moulding parameters, dimensional and functional checks. The application of sophisticated technologies together with data analysis allow to determine efficient solutions for every type of production requirement.



  • Moulding parameters monitoring
  • Dimensional and functional checks
  • Efficient solutions for all production requirements



Proplast’s moulding division can produce pre-series or small batches offering a productive advantage to all customers who need to test or commercialize products before manufacturing the final moulds.

The long-time experience, together with a consolidated production flexibility, allows Proplast to be a reliable partner for the realisation of small productions (from 500 to 5,000 pcs) using both pilot moulds realised by our internal workshop or customer’s moulds.

  • Pre-series production
  • Small batches from 500 to 5,000 pcs
  • Pilot molds design and manufacturing


Hybrid moulding with laminated thermoplastic composites

The hybrid molding technology of thermoplastic composites can be successfully used to realise technical components of structural or semi-structural value having high geometrical complexity.

It consists in the implementation of ribs and retro-injected structures that grow on the surface of the thermoplastic laminate which is pre-heated, placed into the mold on an injection moulding machine and thermoformed during mould clamping. The whole process is realized all at once.

Proplast has developed a long-time expertise  in processing, designing and simulating (both from the process and the structural point of view) these materials. A demonstration island specific for this new technology is available in our headquarter.



  • Hybrid molding with laminated thermoplastic composites
  • Structural and process simulations
  • Structural technical components


Solutions for aesthetic improvement, cycle time reduction and lightweighting

Products evolution, frequently, requires dynamism in selecting technologies starting from the design phase to the productive one.

Proplast is very attentive to market needs supporting its customers in solving problems related to production process or product improvement.

The skills developed in this field allow us to advise and adopt the best solutions for weight reduction, for aesthetic improvements (welding lines, surface defects, sink marks, deformations...), for cycle time and clamping force cut down.

  • Solution of issues in the production process
  • Product improvement
  • Aesthetic improvements and lightweighting


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