AT Media S.r.l.

AT Media S.r.l. is an Innovative SME enrolled in the special section of the Companies Register and a T.E.M. Company (Temporary Export Manager) with digital skills, enabled to provide Internationalization services. AT Media S.r.l., also a Company member of POLO ICT Torino Wireless, won the Innovation Award Smau in 2016 and in 2019 is awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria for the support to the processes of digitization and innovation of Enterprise 4.0. With a division of Computer Research and Development provides services of Virtual Reality, 360° Video Virtual Tour and Augmented Reality with the brand COPERNIKO and other technologies covered by patent invention. AT Media S.r.l. is also specialized in the realization of 360° videos, also in motion, which it produces with its own hardware and dedicated operators.