Alba bike path – La Voce di Alba

Proplast part of the team that designed the construction of a more intelligent track. As part of the Ecosmart Road2.0 project, financed with European funds POR-FESR 14/20 of the Technological Supply Chain Platform Call Pi.Te.F. of the Piedmont Region, a green and…

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Province of Plastics – Enrico Sozzetti

The volume on the “de facto” plastics district in the province of Alexandria is available. The area of specialization spans almost the entire territory, is marked by cutting-edge research and innovation, the presence of small and medium-sized companies as well as multinationals,…

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Let’s make room for our projects!

R&D project Frontsh1p Project The FRONTSH1P project, currently at month 18, has entered into the activities aimed at moving the Łódzkie region in Poland from the linear economic model towards decarbonisation and territorial regeneration. It is a complex project that involves four…

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L’innovazione si racconta – June 23 at OGR

The CGREEN Cluster, as part of the Piedmont Innovation Cluster System to foster the development and competitiveness of the territory, together with Mesap, ICT Cluster, PO.IN.TEX, Clever, bioPmed and the AGRIFOOD Cluster invite you to the FINAL event of the Piedmont Innovation…

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CIRCVET video about Circular Economy

CIRCVET project video explains the advantages of Circular Economy, a system in which all resources are continuously renewed, where the waste from one process becomes the raw material for another. It is possible to choose the subtitles for the english, italian, spanish,…

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