Let’s make room for our projects!

R&D project

Frontsh1p Project

The FRONTSH1P project, currently at month 18, has entered into the activities aimed at moving the Łódzkie region in Poland from the linear economic model towards decarbonisation and territorial regeneration. It is a complex project that involves four different economic sectors: wood packaging, food and feed, water and nutrients, and plastic and rubber waste. Through the development of new systemic solutions (CSS) in a circular key, a win-win exchange between the production chains will be achieved to enable a true green transition involving the entire social fabric. Proplast, involved in CSS4, is engaged on different aspects regarding the valorisation of plastic and rubber waste. In these early months of 2023, Proplast has focused on testing the feasibility of using recycled polymers from different origins for the production of 3D printing filaments. This will be used for social activities involving the community of the Łódź community, showing how citizens’ engagement in plastic recycling can generate new products. In parallel, Proplast has started a rheological study preparatory to the development of a new foaming process. But that is another storyf or the next episodes. In June, during the next partners’ meeting in Friesland (Netherlands), Proplat’s team will take stock of the current situation and plan the activities of the coming months.

Ecoefishent Project

In Sofia Bulgaria, hosted by Nasekomo, a research centre focusing on insect breeding, the meeting of the EcoeFISHent project took place on 29 and 30 May. Proplast, in the complexity of the project, is in charge of coordinating plastic-related activities. In recent months, it has been working on the transformation of discarded fishing nets and fishing objects lost at sea (ghost gears) through a mechanical recycling process. The nets and ghost gears were handed over to Proplast by the Livorno Inter-University Centre for Marine Biology and Ecology and Gestimar, as well as by the WWF and the Portofino Marine Area, partners with whom a strong collaboration has been established. In the Proplast laboratories, the nets are washed, ground, dried and extruded to obtain new granules. The study is currently focused on assessing the feasibility of processing the recycled granules and their properties. How close will they be to the identified commercial targets? You will find out in the next episodes.

Cluster project

Circvet project

The CIRCVET project, financed by the EU from ERASMUS+ funds, aims to develop an extensive, free and tailor-made EC training course in plastics at European level, based on the needs and problems of companies.

In this project, Proplast is responsible for the communication and dissemination of the activities. It manages the information published on social media, the preparation of newsletters and press releases, the assemblage and editing of promotional videos and the organization of events and workshops.

In addition, Proplast manages the collection, organization, and preparation of all material for the training module dedicated to the topics ‘Recycling-Upcycling-Downcycling’.

The course, which will be delivered in blended mode (online and in-presence), will be made available free of charge for companies who wish to test it.

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NODES – Nord Ovest Digitale e Sostenibile Project

NODES – Nord Ovest Digitale e Sostenibile – Ecosistema di Innovazione Digitale is a project funded by the Ministry of University and Research as part of the PNRR investments.

The mission of NODES is to respond to strategic innovation challenges and generate positive impacts towards digital and ecological transition with an interdisciplinary approach.

Proplast is a partner of Spoke 2: Industrial and Green Sustainability. It is involved in the engagement of local actors, for the improvement of innovation capacity and competitiveness, in the fields of green technologies and sustainable industry:

  • By disseminating and promoting the cascading calls issued within the project
  • Organizing networking activities with local stakeholders to inform them about funding opportunities for start-ups, spin-offs and enterprises.
  • Organizing training courses

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TIPPS project

Proplast, co-manager of the CGREEN Regional Cluster in the chemicals and advanced materials sector, from 2022 is part of the Piedmont Innovation Clusters’ System: TIPPS – Transition and Innovation with Piedmont Clusters in System, financed by the Piedmont Region.

Proplast, together with the managers of the Piedmont Innovation Clusters, helps production system of the region to face the challenges of ecological transition, supporting them to:

  • promote technology transfer,
  • promote innovative services,
  • support actions for sharing facilities and exchanging knowledge and skills,
  • connect the training and research possibilities with network companies,
  • organize networking activities,
  • involve local companies in research and innovation activities.