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Proplast is your ideal partner for all technical support activities in your industrial projects

Our team of researchers and technicians performs top-notch R&D activities and deals constantly with cutting edge technologies, in collaboration with our network of partner companies, national and international RTOs. We have developed strong competences in the field of polymer and composite materials development, including the development of tailored products for additive manufacturing: therefore we can offer to our associates and clients high-quality services and technical training. Proplast is an active member and coordinator of several collaborative research projects funded at regional, national and European level.

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Materials Engineering

Proplast performs R&D activities for supporting the competitiveness of the industrial world

The use of innovative materials is a key factor for the companies, especially in a world context with a increasingly higher level of technical and economical competitiveness. Our researchers pays lot of attention on the most recent market trends and technological outcomes, and are able to develop or select new formulations for fulfilling the technical and regulatory requirements of all the industrial sectors, including the technical requirements of the several processing techniques (injection molding, extrusion, blow molding) and production ways (melt compounding, polymerisation).

Testing and characterization

Proplast accomplishes quality control, chemical and rheological tests on plastics materials

Our Testing and Characterization laboratory is standard and offers a wide range of tests for plastics. All tests are performed according international standards such as ISO, ASTM and all the most relevant testing procedures used in the several industry sectors (automotive, medical, packaging...) Our team provides a full technical support in the whole process of identification and resolution of nonconformities on running productions as well as in the development of new materials and applications.

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Process engineering

Proplast offers consulting and specialized services for injection moulding, compression moulding, extrusion, cast filming, compounding, thermoforming, infusion of thermosetting composites, 3D printing

Our expert technicians support companies in problem solving and achievement of the highest standards of quality and performance through verification of materials, optimization of production process and equipment. Consulting and development activities are carried out in customers' production facilities or directly in our internal moulding laboratory. Proplast is equipped with the latest generation of injection moulding machines and automatisms and with a new compounding line provided with a thermoplastic expanded extrusion station for the production of lightened products with a reduced use of chemical additives. 3D printers, recently installed, allow to test formulations of innovative materials for Additive Manufacturing.

Product Engineering

Proplast offers a wide range of consulting services, solutions, and applied technologies for the design, simulation, and prototyping activities of polymeric artifacts

Our team, composed of engineers and specialized technicians, can follow all the development phases that precede the mass production: from preliminary design to product engineering supported by advanced multiphysics simulations, up to the realization of pilot molds for small sampling. Proplast plays an active role in rapid prototyping using advantages of additive manufacturing. The constant interaction with companies allows us to offer the best customized solutions in terms of performance, time and cost optimization.

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