People are our greatest resource

passionate about their work, open to change, always willing to accept new challenges in pursuit of innovation and excellence


We share with our customers the passion for plastics innovation.

The mission of Proplast, as well as of Plastics Academy, is to bring innovation into the whole plastics sector through professional, highly specialized services, with efficiency and swiftness. Our strength is the ability of thoroughly understanding the needs of our customers and proposing them the most effective solutions thanks to our expertise and know-how.

Our goal is delivering customers the best support both in terms of quality and technological competitiveness. Customers’ satisfaction is our key value.


Experience, specialized skills, a quality-oriented mindset, versatility and a collaborative approach allow Proplast to be a top player in the plastics world for all activities - design, research, technical support and training.

Our whole team is committed on a daily basis to achieve all the important goals we share with our customers and our cluster’s members.

We define our mission, vision and values together.

Each product is a mix of research and technology

Proplast is a leading actor in the development and promotion of innovative solutions for the plastics industry

Born as a company specialized in technical training, following the evolution of the market Proplast has progressively grown while undertaking new challenges in the industrial sector.

Our main strengths include a strong portfolio of prestigious collaborations with private companies, clusters, polymers’ and machinery’ producers, plastics converters, industry associations, universities and training organizations.

Proplast's competitive advantage is its business model that integrates all phases of the value chain and the best skills. Our integrated approach to product design and has been progressively improved through the introduction of pre-series and full parts production. We have recently added to classical rapid prototyping the development of specific materials for additive manufacturing

From engineering to research through testing activities we control the whole development process.The control of all steps allows us to guarantee the maximum expertise and know-how, to identify synergies and operating methods in order to optimize our services and guarantee quality and competitiveness.

Our mid- to long-time strategy includes international cooperation with the final goal of transforming Proplast into a global competence center.

Our values


Innovation is the core element of Proplast’s company culture.

Our everyday work is aimed to apply this principle to all aspects of our activities, in order to be able to offer the best performing products, technical solutions and professional training.


We dare to follow our intuition even when immediate solutions are not on sight.

We are not influenced by theories or conventional approaches that could limit our potential and curiosity.

We invest every resource, time and knowledge to apply and find solutions.


We are flexible and adaptable to our clients' strategies and we guarantee the maximum effort in all assigned projects.

Our business model and organization allows us to respond quickly to market dynamics by adopting the best practices and implementing new ideas.


Our company complies with the highest level of industrial standards.

We believe and fully support the culture of ethical, fair and coherent behavior. We deal with our employees, customers, partners and competitors with the utmost respect and integrity.


People are the most important asset of our organization.

Every day we can count on committed and responsible employees who are eager to continuously honing their own skills. Our ambition is having the best team while respecting everybody’s peculiar skills, backgrounds, ideas and experiences.


Proplast believes that designing a product or developing a material formulation cannot go without protecting our environment and unconditionally respecting everything that surrounds us.

We encourage at all levels the constant implementation of technologies, procedures and resources able to provide innovative solutions aiming to a world of lower consumption and waste.