Training for businesses

Proplast collaborates alongside companies in the field of specific training for the plastics industry


Proplast, since its foundation in 1998, collaborated alongside companies in the field of specific training for the plastics industry.

Human capital is the most important and competitive asset for the business success. Our team, composed of selection and training experts, accompanies people in professional growth and skills development.

Proplast is always careful to young people, organizing training courses aimed to create specialized profiles to be integrated in plastics sector. The courses - mostly free - are carried out in collaboration with main employment agencies and financed by Forma.Temp funds.

Customized programmes

Programmes are customized according to companies and professional figures needs.

They can be realized either in customers or Proplast headquarter.

  • Customized paths specific for companies
  • Training for specific professional profile.
  • Update


Our webinars, with a high technical content, allow to follow e-learning sessions and can be implemented both on intercompany and personalized level.

We also carry out e-coaching sessions on cross-cutting issues (eg communication, leadership, personal growth).

  • High technical content webinars
  • Intercompany and personalized sessions
  • E-coaching on cross-cutting issues

We collaborate with the main employment agencies

to offer free specialization courses for young jobseekers