Proplast, since its foundation in 1998, has been working alongside businesses in the field of specialized training for the plastics industry. The people, with their knowledge, skills, abilities, and interpersonal capabilities, represent the most crucial aspect for business success. Our Plastics Academy supports individuals in their professional growth and skill development, providing personalized services that cater to the needs of each customer. Our training proposal is a concrete response to the needs of all entities operating in the sector and anyone seeking to develop distinctive skills.

Customized corporate courses

Starting with an analysis con the company’s needs, we design and implement tailored training programs, aimed at developing the most relevant professional skills. Content, duration, and delivery methods are agreed upon with the client based on their training objectives.

Catalogue Corporate Courses

We offer 48 catalogue courses divided into 5 thematic areas: sustainability, materials, technologies, design, and soft skills. The educational programs have been designed and developed by our group of instructors and industry experts, who are well-versed in their respective fields of expertise.

Injection Moulding Technologist Program

We offer a training program that consists of 8 technical-practical modules, along with a communication course, for a total of 10 days of training. The objective of the program is to provide knowledge and skills to manage effectively and efficiently the injection moulding process.

Free Courses for the Unemployed

We have always paid special attention to young individuals, organizing training programs aimed at creating specialized profiles. The free courses for the unemployed are conducted in collaboration with employment agencies to train mould operators, moulding technicians, and other professional figures in the plastics industry.