Biosnap the project – toward a more sustainable future

Although the environmental impact of disposable packaging is higher than the non disposable one, the former are useful because you can use the content in a fastest and easiest way, without wasting too much of the material inside. Anyway, the European Union is fighting to reduce the number of disposable items with more and more laws in the last years, like the SUP Directive. On the other hand, the EU wants to increase the sustainability of the disposable packaging that are still necessary for some application (like the ones that require safety for the user) but that, in this moment, have still a small recyclability yet.

Easysnap technology allows the packaging of liquid and semiliquid substances in single portions that can be opened with just one hand. You simply have to bend the packaging past the 90° degree until you hear the “snap” sound and then the content will be dispensed without being in contact with the hand of the user. The application of this technology is in the packaging of dressings, cosmetics or medications. Easysnap Technology is the name of the innovative company, located in Emilia, who invented this type of packaging and since 2021 is part of Gualapack.

With the aim to increase the environmental impact of the easysnap technology the European Union has founded a project named BIOSNAPSmart sustainable and convenient unit dose packaging ( The target of the project is to replace the multilayer part of the packaging with biobased and biodegradable polymers, like polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA).

Proplast has supported Gualapack in the execution of some of the preliminary activities of the project. In the first step, Proplast searched for the biobased and biodegradable polymer, PHA and others, that could be suitable for this specific application. Then, in the second step, Proplast realized some film sample, with the film cast extrusion technology, that could be tested and validated for the application.

Nowadays, Proplast has concluded the activities inside the project with some promising preliminary results, but the project is not over yet. Gualapack and Easysnap are still working to increase the sustainability of this packaging with the other partners of the project.

The re-engineering of the disposable packaging to be more environmentally friendly is important for the application and the safety that this type of packaging can guarantee. If everyone will do its best for the environment, even a little part, we will be sure to achieve a more sustainable future.

Alice Yasmeen Bettozzi