Recovery of plastic waste and their valorisation with a trans-sector approach

The recovery and management of industrial plastic waste is an unavoidable theme for the development of a modern and sustainable society.

Giving “a second life” to a plastic material means first of all SAFEGUARDING THE ENVIRONMENT but also making the use of resources by the industries more EFFICIENT.

As part of the S3-4AlpClusters project and in collaboration with Polo CLEVER, Proplast organizes the workshop “Recovery of plastic waste and their valorisation with a trans-sector approach” on Friday 23 November from 9.45 am to 12.30 pm at Environment Park – Sala Copenaghen, Via Livorno No. 60 – Turin.

The workshop aims to offer an overview with particular focus on the medical, construction and automotive sectors:

  • Of the best technological solutions for the management of plastic industrial waste
  • Possible applications and enhancements of the second raw material
  • The activity of the Poles for the development and implementation of specific projects
  • New perspectives and socio-economic implications

It is possible to register for free for the event by November 21st 2018.