2A SpA, was established in 1973 in continuity with the activity of manufacturing “Lightning Locks” and related machinery started in the 1950s by the company “Taurus Ilotte and Crida.” At the end of the 1980s, the company’s metal components department diversified to create an important new activity in the field of aluminum die castings, coming to gain a leading position in the automotive sector, particularly in the heavy vehicle segment.
In the area of Lightning Closures, on the strength of its unique “Nyguard” technology, it focuses on the processing of plastics. Specifically, it focuses its research and development on innovative materials and processes for the production of eco-sustainable “mono-polymer” closures. Nyguard is now a partner of choice for major fashion and technical apparel “players” who are aiming to achieve a true circular economy in the textile sector, in keeping with the requirements of the European Commission’s Global Textile Strategy.
Over all these years, the company, thanks in part to continuous investment in technological innovation, has achieved uninterrupted growth, accompanied by a steady increase in its workforce. Today it employs more than 500 people in five plants. Three of these are located in the di province of Turin, one in the United States (Alabama) and one in the People’s Republic of China (Wenzhou). Respect for the environment, sustainability and social commitment are the cornerstones of the approach to the company’s entire business, as evidenced by the various certifications obtained (ISO 14000, GRS etc.) and the behavioral model adopted in harmony with Law 231. In collaboration with the Polytechnic and the IED of Turin, it hosts students for degree theses and for internship and apprenticeship courses.