New opportunities towards sustainable mobility – 19 May 2022




May 19, 2022, 10.00 – 13.00 on-site at Proplast

The direction of the European authorities towards a new model of mobility, defining ambitious energy and climate objectives in terms of reducing climate-altering gases, requires the development of skills and productions present partially, such as the production of batteries and hydrogen, recycling of components and batteries, control electronics, development of new smart components, data management and applied AI, engineering and development of new eco-sustainable and performing materials, vehicle lightweighting, and birth of new services and markets.

For these reasons, Proplast, co-manager of the CGreen Cluster, invites you to participate in a moment of discussion between local companies, in order to foster greater mutual understanding between the possible players in the supply chain and the birth of new ideas and collaborations.

CALL FOR SPEECH (5 min / company)

We invite you to present your company during a networking event where you will meet other realities, potential suppliers or customers, and other professionals in the field of sustainable mobility. You will have the opportunity to exchange know-how and create a network, identifying new partnership opportunities, joint ventures or new areas of expansion for your business.

If you want to introduce yourself and make your reality known, send your application by 9 May to:

Download the PRESENTATION MODEL on our website.

The event will be held on-site at Proplast, in via Roberto di Ferro 86, 15122 Alessandria.