Pesce Group

Pesce Group was born from the merger of Pesce srl and Gama Automation srl, both market leaders in the design and production of feeding and unscrambling systems for automatic lines.

For more than 50 years, the two production companies, with their know-how, have provided the main world groups with their own technology to reorder products for assembly and packaging machines, studying and creating customized, flexible and innovative solutions. and helping to achieve the goals of each individual customer.

Furthermore, Pesce and Gama Automation, collaborating with a large number of very different companies, have gained extensive experience in all product sectors, such as electromechanics, packaging, food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals. The market to which it is addressed is national but also foreign with a direct commercial network or through agents.

The main feeding systems produced by the group are the vibrating selections but also a wide range of mechanical motorized unscramblers, gravity elevators and double disc centrifugal feeders. The sorters are then integrated with transport and accumulation systems and with alignment and positioning devices of the parts, as well as devices for timing and control of the piece. Great experience has been gained in processing metal materials, but in particular, the group has reached levels of excellence in the selection of caps and dispensers, dispenser pumps and triggers, bottles and countless plastic pieces for the cosmetic, food and medical industries.

The experience achieved in the field of orientation automation solutions allows Pesce Group to be recognized for its high technological preparation and for the continuous research and resolution of its customers’ problems; the systems are customized from time to time to meet the customer’s needs and inserted in the workplace while maintaining high efficiency and safety.

The market towards which the Pesce Group production is directed is that of manufacturers of automatic machines for assembly and packaging but also of “end user” production companies that require turnkey supplies.

The systems are designed, produced and tested internally. The project is completely conceived and carried out in the internal technical offices, with the super vision and coordination of a technical management. The experience and the ability to study the shapes of the parts to be oriented each time and the point where their force of gravity is supposed to act are the core business of the company.

Organizational processes are optimized on a daily basis to the advantage of production times and processes. The latter alternate with each other for greater staff flexibility and better verification of the production phases. For this reason, the Pesce Group process has been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified for years.

Attention to the well-being, health, safety and quality of life of its employees is a determining factor for the companies of the group because it reflects on productivity and company growth, continuously seeking the best strategies to effectively manage motivations of his team.

Pesce Group believes in corporate social responsibility, it implements concrete actions for its territory and the environment that surrounds it, precisely because protecting the environment means preserving the places in which we live. This is demonstrated by the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification just obtained.

Sharing and supporting these values ​​means being part of the Pesce Group to keep the desire for growth and improvement high.