We transform ideas in products

Proplast offre una vasta gamma di servizi di consulenza, soluzioni e tecnologie applicate per le attività di progettazione, simulazione e prototipazione di manufatti polimerici


Our team, composed of engineers and specialized technicians, can follow all the development phases that precede the mass production: from preliminary design to product engineering supported by advanced multiphysics simulations, up to the realization of pilot molds for small sampling.

Proplast plays an active role in rapid prototyping using advantages of additive manufacturing. The constant interaction with companies allows us to offer the best customized solutions in terms of performance, time and cost optimization.

Feasibility studies

Technical and economic feasibility studies


CAD - Co-Design - Product development


Rheological simulations of the injection moulding process

FEM analysis

FEM analysis

Moulds realisation

Pilot and pre-series moulds

Feasibility studies

Every start of a project is preceded by a scrupulous and detailed verification of technical and economic feasibility.

Our experts evaluate features and costs, applicable technologies and materials, proposing solutions based on their know-how.

Starting from scratch, we lay down the foundations for the development and optimization of the definitive product.

  • Technical and economic feasibility study
  • Development and optimization of definitive product

CAD Design, Co-Design, Product Development

Efficiency and competitiveness of a product are set in the phase of 3D design. Proplast’s team looks at innovation and collaborates with customer on new ideas development or improvement of existing projects.

Our strength is the cooperation with other Proplast areas advising customers in selection of  excellent materials or application of the most innovative technologies for high performance products.

Optical or contact instruments allow dimensional analysis and digitization of the product to optimize.

  • 3D elaboration of final project
  • Dimensional analysis and digitization of product

Injection moulding simulation

The success of a product does not depend exclusively on the correct design of part and tools but is strictly related to an effective moulding process.

The use of specific simulation softwares allows to predict the behavior of plastic materials inside the mould and to identify in advance functional and / or aesthetic defects.

Rheological simulations are essential to avoid expensive modifications during mould manufacturing and drastically reduce the time to market of a new product. The increasing demand of high performance products requires, more and more frequently, the application of innovative technologies such as microcellular injection moulding and dynamic mould conditioning.

Proplast’s engineers are able to simulate the most innovative processes related to injection moulding in order to evaluate outcoming benefits and required investments.

  • MuCell –  Microcellular foaming injection moulding
  • Heat&Cool – Dynamic mould conditioning.

Advanced design

We can offer the best solutions in terms of performance, time and cost optimization

FEM analysis

Proplast performs specific FEM (Finite Element Method) studies, using cutting-edge softwares, to predict the behavior of a mechanical system.

Reproducing the real conditions in a virtual way by imposing loads, constraints and characteristics of the materials, and analyzing resulting stresses and strains, it is possible to identify critical points and take actions, in early stages, on 3D model to obtain compliant products and components with high mechanical performances.

The importance of the structural study of a system is evident, especially in the first design phases. Compared to a traditional “trial and error” method, the Cad / Fem synergy is the best way to obtain structurally appropriate products and important saving in development time and costs.

  • Technical and economic feasibility study
  • Development and optimization of the final product

Pilot and pre-series moulds

Proplast is equipped with an internal department specialized in production of pilot and pre-series moulds.

Thanks to the use of modern manufacturing technologies and a highly specialized technical staff our mechanical workshop can meet all requirements about precision mechanics and  construction of complex mechanical components.

All production processes are managed by means of CNC machines that allow to work steel, aluminum, copper, brass and plastic materials dedicated to precision mechanical parts.

In addition to manufacturing, modification and finishing of moulds, Proplast can offer moulding trials, sampling and small production batches services by the internal moulding department.

  • Production of pilot and pre-series moulds
  • Machining on steel, aluminum, copper, brass and plastics

Innovative technologies

The constant interaction with companies allows us to adopt cutting-edge technologies